Director’s Profile

Mr. Kanji Patel started Tiny Girl Clothing Pvt. Ltd in the year 1995. With a humble beginning he created a national brand call ‘Tiny Girl’. Since inception, he had the vision to give products of international designs and quality. He has built this organisation and the brand single handedly. Kanji Patel adapted the trends keeping in mind the indian consumers taste and fashion.

Core Team

Tiny Girl Clothing Pvt. Ltd. has a complete professional and skilled manufacturing team. Right from design to quality check to material sourcing to fabric acquisition, it is done with proper planning of all resources.

The company has a large manufacturing and tailoring unit to cater to current market demands and challenges. The company is fully structured with Human Resource and is proud of its complete 360 degree set up.

Commited SALES TEAM that delivers the promise of timely services for our SUMMER & WINTER COLLECTION SEASON


Trusted to the CORE with TRANSPARENCY in all approaches

We always wait for the NEW COLLECTION of Tiny Girl,as we feel they are abreast of CURRENT and FEATURE TRENDS.

They take our challenges of keeping our customer SATISFIED WITH NEW DESIGNS AND FASHION.

Tiny Girl is our PREFERED BRAND in our store; our customer come asking for their new collection.